A warm welcome to Beyond Vision Photography Group. We are a Kolkata (India) based collective of like minded photographers who wish to promote all aspects of photography. The group welcome photographers of all levels and people new to photography. We provide workshops ,activities, competitions etc but above all want to make photography enjoyable with a forward thinking group of individuals.

Beyond Vision is a well-known and popular Facebook Photography group consisting of 50K photographers and photo-enthusiasts of the country and abroad as its members. This rapidly growing FB Group, acts as a platform of practicing art photography for its members (and interested non-members, as well) with the activities like showcasing photographic works, Photo-Walk, Photography-Tour, Yearly BV Award contest, Annual Grand Exhibition in addition to catering of information on equipment or photo opportunities as and when asked for by any member. For Beyond Vision, photography is not a hobby but a cause of living a beautiful life with creative mind.