About Beyond Vision

There’s a saying that ‘Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future’- Sally Mann.

Photography as we believe is a matter of how you perceive a certain scene. It’s all about the visualization and all about your vision of the same. In Beyond vision, we believe unless we travel beyond our ordinary perception, extraordinary images are not made. We are a group of photography enthusiasts which is built around the very belief of going above and beyond our normal perspective to achieve something great. Since 2016 we are solely involved in appreciating the best images only.

The group was founded by Shri Bibhas Deb, an IT Professional and Smt. Soumi Mitra, a Photography enthusiast, in 2016 to promote photography amongst like minded people. Since then, the group has grown gradually(with 50k members) and at this date, we have a management team of around 20 people who are putting great efforts towards the group in terms of maintaining and enhancement. Despite the grand yearly contest we have several other competitions in place like Photographer of the month in all the respective categories, best executive of the month etc. All this contest and awards are only dedicated for the cause of photography. We want to get more and more people involved to make the throughput maximized. Despite this we also organize the following activities:

Workshops- We have plans for several photography workshops and trips guided by senior mentors of our group. This trips are dedicated for photographers of all aspects who wish to get the required guidance and insights. One of the workshops are successfully completed and many others are already on the queue.

Photowalks- We feel photowalks are a short but wonderful opportunity to explore a particular place. We have some plans for guided photowalks and mobile only photowalks in the upcoming months.

For workshops and event details, please visit our facebook group