Beyond Vision & its official partner NIKON  take the pleasure to announce the online photography contest- ‘Beyond Vision Awards: 2019-2020’ for the members of ‘Beyond Vision’ Facebook Photography group  against the conditions/ regulations as follow:

Prerequisites for participating in this contest:


  1. This contest shall remain open for participation from 6 am IST of 15-4-2019 to 11 pm IST of 25-3-2020.
  2. All members of ‘Beyond Vision’ group (except the Mentors/BV Management Personnel & their family members) are eligible to participate.
  3. Only mode of participation to this contest is posting of ‘self clicked’ photograph on the Group wall; a member is allowed to post maximum one (1) image per day for this contest.
  4. There shall be 7 categories in this contest:
  • Nature: This will include all flora and fauna like birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and botanic substances (but will exclude macro shots of flora and fauna).
  • Macro & Close-up: This will include images of flora fauna and other earthly substances which are shot using ‘ultra close/ close focusing method’, commonly known as ‘macro shots’. Mobile phone shots are NOT eligible for this section.
  • Street & Daily Life: This will include all kind of outdoor sequences and activities, captured in candid way, depicting aesthetic/ artistic value of the common places and common actions, which are generally ignored otherwise.
  • Photo Travel: This will include landscape, people, places and sequences (not being staged) that one can capture while travelling.
  • Wedding: This will include situations, sequences, candid moments, staged moments and portraits, related to a wedding ceremony; and will also include shots taken in pre-wedding or immediate post wedding periods,
  • Pictorial: This will include portraits (other than wedding portraits), moods, sequences (whether staged or not), table tops, sports and conceptual / creative shots and all other shots which cannot be included in any of the above five categories.
  • Mobile Photography: This category is limited to the images, shot exclusively by a device which acts as a telephone and a camera both, commonly known as camera phone, and conform to the following genres only:

(i) Mobile Macro: This will include images of flora fauna and other earthly substances which were shot using ‘ultra close/ close focusing method’ exclusively by camera phone.

(ii) Mobile Street & daily Life: This will include all kind of outdoor sequences and activities, captured in candid way, depicting aesthetic/ artistic value of the common places and common action actions which are generally ignored otherwise, shot exclusively by camera phone.

  1. Contestants are requested to mention the ‘category name’ along with the images to be submitted for this contest. However, all the images (except those by Mentors/BV Management Personnel & their family members) posted and approved for the group’s timeline during the contest period shall be considered for the contest automatically. And hence, members must post images with good photographic quality to maintain the standard of the contest.
  2. The winners from each group will be awarded in the Group’s Exhibition Venue (as will be notified after the contest is over).
  3. Technical specifications: smaller side minimum 800 pixel, no border-no big watermark-no multiple image; do not over process an image that may render unnatural look to a scene, anyway
  4. Using ‘cut & paste’ method, using multiple layers, applying partial colouring, adding/removing subjects using clone tools (other than minor dust/spot/garbage removal), nude/ semi- nude images  are not allowed for this contest. Members should abstain from posting too dark or too highlighted or blurry image or image with low/no pictorial value to maintain quality of the contest
  5. Organizers may ask for the RAW file or unedited jpeg file of any image, posted for this contest, for ascertaining ownership and/or adherence to the limitations enumerated in points No (7) and/or No (8) above; failure /refusal to comply with this requirement will lead to rejection of eligibility of that image from contesting.
  6. Selection process: Mentors & BV Management Personnel will select during preliminary rounds. In the final round, an Hon’ble Jury Panel will adjudge the ‘Jury’s Choice’ Awards. Overall selection process is the sole discretion of the organizers and shall not be subject to any challenge /litigation in any Court of law or elsewhere; participation to this contest shall, however, be presumed to be acceptance of these conditions/regulations.
  7. Repost is allowed after a gap of six months or more. The organizers reserve the right to disapprove or delete any image intended to post or posted for the contest, if it does not fulfill the requirement as stated above, without assigning any reason thereof to the member concerned.
  8. This contest is free to participate but the organizers reserve the right to reimbursement of any incidental cost that may have been incurred by the organizers for the benefit of any member to his/her personal effect.
  9. It is desirable that a member, who intends to participate in this contest, shall visit the group in regular manner and will comment on and/or respond to the images posted in the group by other contestant, for creating a healthy and mutual-encouraging contest ambiance.


BV Management