Management Team

Beyond Vision has around 8 BV Management Personnel in total who takes care of the group from various possible aspects. We would like to say that they are all Great Photographers too. Key aspects of the duty and responsibilities of the team:

  • There is certain post approval policy, strictly implementing by BV Management Personnel for enrichment of Group Photo quality.
  • They are also participating in the posts by likes, comments, critique for the required improvements.
  • They are also participating in voting to select worthy images for the contest.
  • Moderate the group by checking if all the rules are being obeyed properly.
  • Arranging photo-walks, workshops, tours for helping the enthusiasts learn from the Mentors.

The BV Management Personnel relentlessly work for the group and we have our back-end support team comprising of two members Sr Amit Majumdar and Sri Jeet Roy who takes care of the verification and other important group moderation activities. As a whole the management team is a complete set of people having the required manpower to take care of all the queries/concerns of the members to ensure a healthy group decorum.

Anirban Dutta, Photographer, Nikon, Wildlife Photographer, West Bengal, India

Anirban Dutta
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Sudip Bhattacharya
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Sutapa Deb, Wildlife Photographer, Kalyani, India

Sutapa Deb
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Aninda De
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Krishna Sundar Das, Kolkata, Nikon, Photographer, Macro

Krishna Sundar Das
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Pappu Patra, Nikon, Mobile, Photography

Pappu Patra
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Jeet Roy
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Amit Majumdar
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