Puneet Verma

Puneet Verma, Photographer

Puneet Verma

Puneet Verma is an IT professional based in Bangalore.
When he’s not busy writing software, he’s always out – riding, traveling and making images, almost obsessively.

A self taught photographer, his passion is creating fine art imagery using long exposure techniques.
You’ll find most of his compositions with minimal human element which is a creative choice he made early in his photographic journey as he finds more intrigue in exploring and establishing the often untold relationships between the inanimate/natural elements at a given place.

His vision is to create travel and landscape imagery that not just inspires the travel hunger in the audience but also educate and sensitize them towards their own travel and photographic aspirations.

His work has been awarded,exhibited and accepted in multiple magazines, salons and galleries across cities in India.
Two of his images have won Special mention in the internationally acclaimed “Monochrome Photography Awards” under Amateur Photojournalism and Landscapes categories.
This is in addition to his articles on the craft published in online magazines/journals and multiple local photo talks/sessions that he has conducted.

More of his work can be found at :

Instagram: thruthatlens
Facebook:Thru That Lens
500px portfolio: Puneet Verma

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