Rajat Roy


Rajat Roy

I was born and brought up in Batanagar and passed out from Ashutosh College. Presently I am in a retail chain division and looking after the HA division as a Product Head. I have started my photographic journey seriously from late 2017 for the month of October( before that I took shots though a fixed lens camera ). From the very first day of my photography, life street and documentation has always attracted me , but on that time I clicked the shots yet at the end of the day.I am not get satisfied with the same , I don’t get the story , the proper angle bla bla. I painted the shot in the back of my mind and always tried to click the same through my lens but somehow I was not satisfied with my shots. Then the moment came in my life when I met Mr. Navin Vatsa in a workshop , I had learned a lot about “Street Photography”, what is called vision, what is called Art and many more.After that I got intimately attached with street photography. Then I have seen the work of Raj Sarkar Sir and learnt some rules, techniques from him.

Recently I have changed my organisation where I don’t have any week off on Sunday, so photo walk is totally closed for me on Sunday and that I missed very badly. Sometimes I return at home and take my dream machine and clicked few shutter, I have to minimise my pain with the sound of the shutter, but during my travel am always ready with my cell phone to click the street moment. “I am loving it’…the best quote of photography in my life.

Because I smell the street, I like the essence of the street, I love street photography.

One thing I have share here, at the age of 6 years we had a family trip I clicked a shot through my uncle’s camera without opening the camera lens cap , after clicking the shot my uncle clap over me and told me that he would like to see a very good photo from my hand, still now I remember that word and I got inspired to take shots now with opening with lens cap ( ha ha ha ).

During this short span of photography, I got few awards of the same. It really boost me to click more and more . I want to learn more about photography , in my daily routine I have a 30 minutes time to concentrate in photography articles, I want to learn more till end of my life.

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