Society Activities

Santoshpur Kolkata Beyond Vision Photographic Society has this day been registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961.

Regd. Office: Holding No. C1-182 /18/ New Santoshpur Road, Flat no-13, Floor no – 4th , Narayani Apartment, Maheshtala, P.O. Bidhangarh, P.S. Rabindranagar, Kolkata-700066.

The objects for which the society: 4(2) of WBSR Act 1961 :
1) To promote photography and photography related activities.
2) To organize photography competition, seminar, workshops, capacity building in all sectors of life.
3) To promote photography to the under privileged group of the Society.
4) To provide technical assistance for learning and processing of photography free of cost.
5) To use photography as a conservation tool, impacting on eco-tourism and nature awareness.
6) To empower indigenous stake-holders for participatory management of nature.
7) Showcasing our rich biodiversity for promotion and protection.
8) To help the aged, sick helpless and indigent persons.
9) To alleviate the sufferings of animals or other living creatures as may be deemed appropriate.

The object shall always remain restricted within the scope of section 4(2) of the WBSR Act 1961.

Society activities:

This was our first effort to do charitable work in 2022.

Beyond Vision started its journey quite a year ago as a platform to portray some lovely photographs from every genre of photography so as to spread awareness about photography as well as aesthetics among the interested people and appreciate the art of photography in anticipation which encourages. Gradually this platform made its own ground and with immense support and encouragement of innumerable photographers and enthusiasts. It is now one of the famous groups on Facebook. Nowadays it is popular on Instagram too. But there are always some negative evils which try to malign the good gestures. Beyond Vision with its positive vibes again refurbished and rejuvenated and emerged as Santoshpur Kolkata Beyond Vision Photographic Society (SKBVP Society) a few months back with broader objectives. It organised its maiden endeavour in compliance with its objectives with a charitable programme for the welfare of children with multiple disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy etc. who are in very much need of special care. We provided them with small gifts like art materials for the children and arranging lunch for them. This was nothing but just to stand beside them and tried to make the day something special for them. We had a nice time at Kalyani Life Institute, Kalyani, Nadia on 20.11.2022. as the children performed some lovely songs and dance, they also performed with some excellent artwork which liven up our mind. Thanks to all members of the school management, the teachers, and the parents of the children.

If you want to join us and be a member of our society and want to be a part of several other programmes like previous you are welcome and hope it will be a happy moment for us.


Beyond Vision 3rd Grand Exhibition held on 1st to 4th February, 2023 at Gaganendra Shilpa Pradarshasala, Kolkata